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How to communicate the right way with the suppliers

When you register with us we give you the access to our O2O Platform where you will be able to view supplier profiles and their products and evaluate. And, with the O2O platform you will be given the access to communicate with the suppliers even prior to the exhibition. It is a fantastic opportunity because even before you step in to the exhibition you will have the ability to select a supplier that fits your need.

However, most visitors specially when they are new to the import business do not know what exactly they should ask from the suppliers. You must understand here you are the buyer and it is your money therefore do not hesitate to ask any question that is in your mind.

Here are some questions you can ask a potential supplier,


  1. What is the actual size, weight and dimensions of the product?

  2. How many employees work under you?

  3. How long have you been in the business?

  4. Do you have any other products that you sell?

  5. In the previous year, what was your annual turnover?

  6. Do you sell your products to other countries too? Which country and what are the products?

  7. Do you have any current buyers in my home country? Or did you have?

  8. If yes, were they satisfied? Ask for the contact details of the buyers.

  9. What packaging method do you use?

  10. Tell me about the quality control system you have in the place?

  11. Is that fine by you if I will do my own quality control?

  12. What is your method of shipping?

  13. Which port in china do you use to ship the container?

  14. What is the Minimum Order Quantity of your product?

  15. How many items will fit in in a 20-foot container?

  16. Is that fine by you if I come for a factory visit?

Not only these there are so many questions you can ask from the suppliers. Feel free to communicate and build up a healthy buyer-supplier relationship and it will benefit you in many ways throughout the importing process.


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